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Pakistan And Bangladesh Friendship

Bangladesh has been an independent country since the late 20th century, but its national identity in a larger South Asian context has been around for a long time.Then, the history of the country is linked to that of India, Pakistan, and other countries in the area. There are forests on the west and a lot of waterways in the middle of Bangladesh, which is mostly a delta made up of two rivers. It had a distinct regional culture and was long the unreachable boundary beyond the north Indian plain. Several autonomous principalities developed in the Bengal region, including Gangaridai, Vanga, Gauda, Pundra, and Samata. Shamsuddin Ilyas Shah helped unify many of these states in the 14th century. The Mughals expanded Suba Bangalah to include Bihar and Orissa (now Indian states), which the British colonial authority dubbed the Bengal Presidency. When British colonial rule ended in 1947, a smaller Bengal province was divided into East and West Bengal. East Bengal became East Pakistan in 1955 and Bangladesh in 1971.

On November 9, 2021, Lahore, Pakistan, and Bangladesh held their first "Pak-Bangladesh friendship conference," led by the most famous youth leader in Pakistan named Kamran Saeed Usmani, the central youth president of the Jamhoori wattan party. It was the first time in Pakistan and Bangladesh's history that they had a conference like this. The Jamhoori Wattan Party is a Pakistani political party based in Baluchistan. The Bengalis living in Pakistan and one of the most known political youth leaders from Bangladesh were in attendance at the conference through zoom conference.

All political parties' youth conferences were attended online by Bangladeshi journalists, singers, students, and the majority of political leaders, who all took part in the conference through the internet.

The All Political Parties Youth Conference for the Friendship of Pakistan and Bangladesh was attended by the organizer Kamran Saeed Usmani and all political leaders from all political parties in Pakistan. The parties which are participated in the conference are Jahmoori Wattan Party, Tehreek e Labaik Ya Rasool Allah SAWW, Pat Youth wing, Insaf Youth wing, People's youth organization, Muslim youth organization, Wahdat youth alliance, Ahl e Hadees Youth force, Kashmir youth alliance, Jannat Pakistan youth, Pakistan United Youth, Mustafvi students movement, Insaf students federation, People's students federation, Islami Jamiat Talba, Jamiat Talba Islam F, Jamiat Talba Islam S, Muslim students federation Q, Muslim students federation N, Ahl e Hadees students federation.

Pakistani speakers at the Lahore Youth Conference called on their government to express regret for the 1971 tragedy, respect for the Bengali language and culture, and increase the number of scholarships available to Bangladeshi students in Pakistan's educational institutions.

The speakers from various political parties and groups, according to Yousuf Shah, highlighted ways and means to develop a more friendly relationship between the "two powerful countries" of this region. The organizers chose the date of November 9 because it was the birthday of poet Iqbal.

All of Pakistan's and Bangladesh's political leaders have stated that they want a strong relationship between Pakistan and Bangladesh, similar to the relationship between Pakistan and Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim countries.

The Pakistan-Bangladesh Friendship Conference aims to enhance economic, defense, and cultural cooperation to bring Pakistan and Bangladesh closer. To build a coalition of like-minded countries to address the difficulties that have arisen for Bangladesh and other countries in the region as a result of India's expansionist initiatives and the ideology of a United India. The purpose of the Pakistan-Bangladesh Friendship Conference is to establish educational relations between the two countries and to take steps at the governmental level for Bangladeshi students to obtain scholarships in Pakistan's major universities, under which approval from Parliament is also included in the same agenda.

Also to expand the scope of governmental and non-governmental charitable NGOs working in Pakistan to Bangladesh and establish hospitals, schools, and welfare institutions in the underdeveloped areas of Bangladesh.

To play a political role in the formation of the Pakistan-Bangladesh Military Alliance on account of the potential threat to Bangladesh from India.

To make Bengali leaders, who played a paramount role in the Pakistan Movement, a part of the curriculum and to play a political role in naming the important highways of Pakistan after their names. To take steps for the establishment of Bangla departments in all major universities for the promotion of the Bengali language in Pakistan, including person-to-person meetings with the Vice-Chancellors of all universities, correspondence via emails, social media awareness movements, and political and parliamentary initiatives.

To mobilize Kashmir-styled global public opinion against the genocide and atrocities of Bengali Muslims by India in Assam and West Bengal and to play a political and parliamentary role in increasing diplomatic pressure on India to prevent such actions in the future.

To expose India’s support for Hindu terrorist organizations before the world, for blocking Bangladesh's waters and establishing a Hindu state called "BangaBhoomi" in West Bangladesh, and to a play political role & run an awareness campaign in exposing Indian crimes to the UN Security Council.

Establishment of Pakistan-Bangladesh Marriage Bureau under which Pakistan-Bangladesh Marriage Committee has been set up to arrange marriages between different families of Pakistan and Bangladesh; in which the poor Pakistani & Bangladeshi couples getting married, will not only be helped but steps will also be taken for maximum promotion of marriages between the two countries. Financial assistance, especially to widows, divorcees, and people committing to second & third marriages in both countries will also be provided.

This marriage committee will only provide financial assistance if the marriage would be taking place from Bangladesh to Pakistan or from Pakistan to Bangladesh. The establishment of such a marriage committee will be the first of its kind in the diplomatic history of the world to bring the two countries closer.

The Pakistan-Bangladesh Friendship Conference will be held every year to not only review the performance of the discussed agenda in the last year's conference but also to focus on the weak areas more. The Pakistan-Bangladesh Friendship Conference will not be limited to Lahore but its scope will be extended to Bangladesh including the whole of Pakistan and the next conference will Insha’Allah be held in Dhaka for which arrangements will be commenced from now on. Pakistan-Bangladesh Friendship Alliance will be launched under which an integrated online system will be initiated in which Facebook groups and WhatsApp chat groups will be composed to assemble the like-minded people from Pakistan & Bangladesh.

The Pakistan-Bangladesh Friendship Alliance will be organized between the two countries at the provincial and Tehsil levels. The organization will influence all political parties of Pakistan and Bangladesh, and this influence will be used to strengthen the alliance between the two countries. 

Launch of Pakistan Television Dhaka Studio and playing a political role for Bangla broadcasting. Establishment of Bangladesh Television's Islamabad Studio and playing the role of Bangladesh Television to Urdu Broadcasting from Islamabad. Founding Pakistan-Bangladesh Joint Drama and Film Association under which steps will be taken to provide funds at the government and private level for web series, film productions, and drama productions comprising joint artists from both the countries.

This Pak Bangla conference played a bridge role in establishing Pakistan Bangladesh relations. The Pakistan-Bangladesh Friendship Conference will not be limited to only this year. It will be held again and again to strengthen the Pakistan Bangladesh relationships in order to pursue further future friendship goals. Pakistan Bangladesh relations will not only strong both countries economically but also will bring closer to each other culturally. This Pakistan Bangladesh Friendship conference will also bring closer all political parties of both countries in order to take part equally in progress of country.

We pray to Allah for His assistance and at the behest of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) keep a shadow of His mercy and protection over us.


Long live Bangladesh,

Long live Bangladesh,

Long live Pakistan.